Little Boy

Rabba Mere Rabba Lyrics - Little Boy

RABBA MERE RABBA LYRICS – Little Boy | Dev Negi & Romi Mukherjee

Rabba Mere Rabba Lyrics – Little Boy: This Hindi love song is sung by Dev Negi & Romi Mukherjee and music is composed by Abuzar while ‘Rabba mere rabba ishq hai kaisa’ lyrics are written by Arafat Mehmood. The song is from Bollywood film “Little Boy”, starring Yajuvendra Pratap Singh...

Alvida Alvida Lyrics - Little Boy

ALVIDA ALVIDA LYRICS – Little Boy | Sonu Nigam

Alvida Alvida Lyrics is from Bollywood movie “Little Boy”. It’s a heart touching melody song in the voice of Sonu Nigam that is beautifully composed by Abuzar, and alvida alvida lyrics are penned down by Arafat Mehmood. The movie is directed by Shiraz Henry and featuring Yajuvendra Pratap Singh &...

Muradon Se Lyrics - Little Boy

MURADON SE LYRICS – Little Boy | Ash King

Muradon Se Lyrics is from Hindi film “Little Boy”, starring Yajuvendra Singh & Rashmi Mishra. It’s a love song ‘Muradon se mile ho tum’, that is sung by Ash King and composed by Abuzar while lyrics are written by Arafat Mehmood. Muradon Se Lyrics Muradon se mile ho tumDuaaon ka...